Welcome to Jakes CDL Testing

State of Wisconsin DOT Authorized Third Party
Testing Service for all of Your Commercial Driver License Needs


Testing Options include:

  • Class A, B, C
  • Endorsements for P, S, N
  • Lifting of Restrictions
    • Air Brake (Pre-Trip)
    • Manual Transmission (Road Test)
    • Tractor-Trailer (Pre-Trip, Basic Skills, Road)

Once you have obtained your CLP (CDL knowledge written test required at DMV), a 14-day minimum waiting period is required prior to performing your driving test. Once you have obtained your permit, you may contact Jakes at anytime to schedule your appointment, but a 2-day minimum is required.

Should a person fail a segment, the test must be terminated and the person will need to reschedule to complete or retake the test(s).

Waiting times for failed segments are:

  • Vehicle inspection fail = 2 days
  • Basic Control Skills fail = 7 days
  • Road Test fail = 2, 7 or 14 days depending on law violation, points or dangerous action

Scores of the passed segments of the skills test are valid for the length that the Commercial Learners Permit (CLP) is valid.

If you do not pass all required skills test when your CLP is valid, any tests taken and passed will be void. When you renew your CLP, you will need to hold it for 14 days before you can schedule a road test.

Scheduling Requirements

  1. Obtain your CLP
  2. 14-day minimum before any test may be taken
  3. 2-7-14 day minimum depending on a fail status
  4. 2-day minimum advanced scheduling required
  5. A No Show Fee of $15.00 per segment of test scheduled will be charged if driver does not show up for scheduled test. Cancelations need to be made 24 hours prior to scheduled test time. Jakes CDL Testing is not responsible for any voice messages, e-mails, or text messages that are miss directed or not received in time by office personnel.

Day of Test Criteria

✔ Supply your own vehicle
✔ Regular drivers license
✔ Commercial drivers license permit
✔ Truck registration and GVWR (found inside door jam)
✔ Trailer registration and GVWR